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Sexual Offences

The category of sexual offences is a challenging and complicated area of the criminal law. Allegations involving sexual offences provoke an initial reaction from the public that creates a risk of prejudice against anyone accused of such a crime. However, it is crucial to remember that anyone charged with an offence is innocent until proven guilty in a fair and just process.

Being accused of a sexual offence can be an especially challenging time for a suspect, due to concern about the outcome of the case as well as the perceived stigma associated with these allegations.

This means that if you have been accused of any sexual offence, is is important that you are represented by solicitors and advocates who can give you clear and dependable advoce while also offering professional support during the case.

Sexual offences range from rape or sexual assault, to possession of extreme pornography and indecent exposure. Many of these offences are so serious that they will always be dealt with by the Crown Court, and anyone convicted of a sexual offence is at risk of a prison sentence.

As well as the immediate sentence however, sexual offences require a convicted person to comply with the Sex Offender Register. Breaches of these requirements are a separate offence that can also carry a prison sentence.

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