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Barristers on Strike: An Introduction

Until further notice, the Crown Courts will grind to a halt due to barristers on strike! Members of the Criminal Bar Association (CBA) have voted overwhelmingly to escalate strike action. The Government has failed to respond to ongoing disruption in the criminal justice system. This means that from Friday 26th August, barristers will not attend the Crown Court for legally aided defence cases This is a significant step taken by independent barristers. In today's post, we focus on how this...

Dog Theft: A New Offence, for an Old Reason?

The Government is currently in the process of passing legislation to create a new offence of dog theft. As is to be expected, there is a press release on the Government website promoting this development of criminal law brought to us by the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs. The Kept Animals Bill is going to introduce not only the offence of dog theft, but will also feature measures to "further protect pets, livestock and kept wild animals." The supposed demand for action to...

Animal Protection Services: Improper Prosecution?

Animal Protection Services (APS) is a registered charity claiming to work against animal cruelty. Recently, they had begun to act as private prosecutors taking people to court for offences involving the sale of animals as pets. However, the charity has been strongly criticised by the Honorary Recorder of Manchester, HHJ Dean QC, for acting in a way that was "an affront to the conscience of the criminal justice system." The Recorder's comments were utterly scathing, as he ruled on two specific...

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