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Motoring Offences

On the face of it, motoring offences seem less serious than the allegations discussed in the Criminal Offences section of this site. However, for many people the first and only time they experience the criminal courts is if they are accused of a driving offence.

Many motoring offences carry the risk of penalty points, and some can even carry an immediate disqualification from driving as well as a possible prison sentence. Without overstating the potential dangers, a brief error of judgment or lapse in concentration could have grave consequences for you or other road users.

Driving is a necessity for many, and the prospect of losing your driving licence could have severe consequences beyond inconvenience- consider whether you could keep your job and support yourself and your family if you were disqualified from driving.

With all this in mind, if you are accused of a motoring offence it is crucial that you understand what the allegation actually means, and what powers the Court may have in dealing with your case. Central to this is good, dependable advice from an experienced specialist solicitor who can help through you the whole process.

In this section of CriminalDefence.Info, we will outline the more common motoring offences and related issues, including:

If you have to attend a police station or Court for an alleged motoring offence, contact us to discuss whether we can recommend a specialist barrister or solicitor to help you achieve the best possible outcome for your case.

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