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Aggravated Vehicle Taking

Aggravated vehicle taking is a serious criminal offence, combining elements of dishonesty with causing injury to others, damage to property, or driving dangerously. The offence is created by Section 12A of the Theft Act 1968.

If you are accused of aggravated vehicle taking, the Prosecution must prove that:

The offence of aggravated vehicle taking is an either way offence, meaning that it can be dealt with by either the Magistrates Court or the Crown Court. The maximum sentence in the Magistrates Court is 6 months imprisonment. The Crown Court has the power to impose up to 2 years for most aggravated vehicle taking cases. However, in incidents where an accident resulted in the death of another person, the Court can impose up to 14 years imprisonment.

There are several defences to the allegation of aggravated vehicle taking, such as the damage or injury occurring before the vehicle was unlawfully taken, or the accused not being in the vicinity of the stolen vehicle when the damage or injury have occurred. However, these are issues that require expert advice and specialist criminal defence representation.

If you have been accused of aggravated vehicle taking, it is important that you have expert advice from a specialist criminal defence lawyer. Contact us to see if we can help you find an experienced solicitor or barrister for your case.

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