Attempted Murder

Attempted Murder

Attempted murder is arguably the most serious form of assault (short of actually causing the death of the victim), as it requires the specific intention to try to kill another person. Unlike a murder itself, which requires intent to kill or commit grievous bodily harm, an attempted murder requires the highest level of malicious intent.

An allegation of attempted murder is so serious that it is classed as an indictable only offence. This means that only the Crown Court can hear a case of attempted murder, and the maximum penalty is life imprisonment. While there are specific sentence guidelines for attempted murder, to reflect the full range of incidents covered by the offence, any conviction for such a grave crime will result in a substantial prison sentence.

Due to the complexity of any allegation of attempted murder, it would be impossible to usefully summarise the law relating to the offence in any real detail. However, this site is dedicated to helping people who need further information on any aspect of the criminal law.

If you or someone you know is accused of attempted murder, it is crucial that the case is handled from the outset by a specialist criminal defence lawyer. You must have absolute confidence in your legal representative, so if you have any doubts contact us to see if we can help you find the best criminal solicitor or barrister for your case.

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