Welcome to CriminalDefence.Info. This site is designed to provide general information to members of the public about criminal offences and the Criminal Justice process in England and Wales.

If you are facing a criminal allegation, or someone you know is being prosecuted for an offence, it can be a very difficult time for everyone involved. There is a mass of information available in the media, but this is often inaccurate or refers to the specifics of a case that may not apply to your situation. Because of this, CriminalDefence.Info provides clear and objective information that will help you understand the essential facts about the law and procedures that apply.

As well as detailed information about criminal offences and motoring law, we also provide advice on the different stages of the Criminal Justice system.

The site has been written and created by a specialist barrister who practices exclusively in criminal law. Having represented clients at all stages of the Justice process from police interviews to Crown Court trials, the goal is to provide an easy resource that will answer some of the basic questions you may have about a case. While this site should not be used for specific advice on an individual case, it can be helpful to know a little bit more about an offence or what to expect at Court.

However, you may feel you need specific advice about your own situation. Depending on your situation, we will try to offer some guidance on the options available to you. Depending on where in the country you are based, we may be able to recommend local firms who can help you. Alternatively, we can explain the different choices available to you to be represented, and the funding arrangements that you may wish to consider.

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