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Fixed Fee Appeals With a Specialist Barrister

If you are unhappy with the result of a case in the Magistrates Court, you may want to consider our fixed fee appeal services. Under the Direct Access system, you can instruct a specialist criminal barrister to represent you, without having to instruct a solicitor.

One of the biggest advantages of instructing a barrister directly is that you get the benefits of a specialist advocate, and a completely fresh opinion and perspective on your case. Fixed fee appeals also give you clear information about the cost of privately funding your case, and the knowledge that there will be no hidden extras in your legal fees.

A fixed fee appeal gives you a second opportunity if you felt let down by what happened during the original Magistrates Court proceedings. If you maintain your innocence, but were found guilty at trial, look at our guide to appeals against conviction. Alternatively, if you felt the Magistrates’ punishment was too harsh, read the page about appeals against sentence.

Specialist Motoring Appeals

Recently, more and more solicitors firms market themselves as motoring specialists in order to attract privately funded cases. Most of these firms, including nationally known specialist firms, instruct barristers to represent clients at Court hearings. The reason for this is that they use barristers who understand the deceptively complex subject of motoring offences.

If you have already been through the Magistrates Court process and were unhappy with the result, you may find that a fixed fee appeal using a specialist Direct Access barrister is an affordable and effective way to challenge the original decision.

In addition to the general guides to appeals contained on this site, we can advise you about the appealing the following decisions:

  • Discretionary driving disqualification
  • The length of mandatory a driving disqualification
  • The refusal to find exceptional hardship
  • The refusal to agree special reasons
  • Applications to suspend driving disqualification pending appeal

Our Fixed Fee Service

As part of the fixed fee appeal service, we offer the following step by step assistance:

  • Initial discussion about the decision you want to appeal against;
  • Drafting the Notice of Appeal, and advising you how this must be served on the Court;
  • Full case preparation, including written advice about the law relating to your appeal;
  • Representation by an experienced criminal barrister at all hearings

If you are interested in discussing instructing a specialist barrister for a fixed fee appeal, it is important that you contact us as a matter of urgency. If you want to appeal a decision from the Magistrates Court, you have to lodge a Notice of Appeal within 21 days of the date of your sentence, otherwise the Crown Court may refuse to hear your appeal.

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Every case is unique, and everybody’s circumstances are different. If you are dealing with any of the offences discussed on this site, and need independent advice or a second opinion, contact us to see if we can help.