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Dangerous Dogs: Representation and Appeals

The Dangerous Dogs Act created a series of criminal offences with serious risks for dog owners:

  • If someone thinks your dog is a banned type, breed specific legislation means your family pet could be seized,
  • If the police have a report that says your dog is a pit bull, the burden is on you to prove that it isn’t
  • Unless you can prove your dog isn’t a prohibited type, your dog is at risk of destruction;
  • You can be prosecuted if the police believe your dog was dangerously out of control
  • If your dog has caused even a minor scratch to another person, you could have to persuade the court not to put your dog down

If you are accused of an offence involving a “dangerous dog,” either because of its appearance or behaviour, you need experienced professional help. This help could include:

  • Advice on how to plead at court,
  • Representation at a trial or sentencing hearing,
  • Information on whether you could be eligible for legal aid
  • Guidance on instructing a dog behavioural expert, or
  • Having an independent assessment of your dog’s type

How We Can Help With a Dangerous Dogs Case:

We understand that your dog isn’t “just” a pet, it can be a member of the family. The risk of having your dog taken away and potentially put down is very emotional. You need clear advice to focus on the best possible outcome.

Our extensive experience of all kinds of Dangerous Dogs Act cases includes:

  • Successfully defending clients in Crown Court trials
  • Appealing against Destruction Orders
  • Building professional links to dog behavioural experts with reputations for reports that help the Court.
  • Challenging the lawfulness of private prosecutions

If you need help about a Dangerous Dogs case, contact us to see if we can offer specialist representation.

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